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Studio Pali Fekete's Bird Streets Oberfeld Residence

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This past weekend the AIA/LA held its first fall home tour of the year (there'll be a second one in October). Join Curbed as we gawk at the pretty architecture of the Hills, from Hollywood to Coldwater. Here's SPF:a's Oberfeld Residence.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels The Oberfeld Residence, designed by SPF:a's Zoltan Pali, is pure Bird Streets, 10,000 square feet of shiny white luxury. The house's L-shape and the glass-clad main floor wrap around the backyard with its big, flat lawn and infinity pool. Down in the basement the amenity-fest includes a see-through wine cellar, a screening room, and a spa with sauna and massage room. Bedrooms are on the second floor, which is also covered in glass, and protected with vertical white cement louvers. Top it all off with crazy custom finishes, like wood made to look like stone and stone made to look like wood.
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