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Artist Robbie Conal's Gregory Ain Home in Mar Vista

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Well, it doesn't come furnished, but via the listing, you can get a look inside the home belonging to artist/cultural commentator Robbie Conal. The three-bedroom, two-bath home on 3522 Meier Street is 1,857 square feet, so is one of the "largest" homes in this Gregory Ain tract in Mar Vista, thanks to "personal touches by artist Robbie Conal and his wife" which "have increased the size and functionality of the home significantly." One of the touches is the addition of a studio. "A rare opportunity to participate in the ongoing social experiment inspired by Gregory Ain and landscape architect Garrett Eckbo’s lofty vision." If only participating in a Ain social experiment cost 50 cents, not $1.149 million, this home's listing price.
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