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Latest Turn for Fountain and Gower: Now You're Affordable Housing

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The saga of the long weedy Fountain and Gower corner took another turn today as the Planning and Land Use Management Committee approved plans for a housing project on the site. But some breaking news: Developer West Coast Legacy LLC is now proposing a building that's entirely affordable housing. Yup, it's looking like that purple condo design is out.

And more intriguing, a source says this revised project now has an interested buyer, and that the site may be sold.

So, this is all about getting the entitlements and selling the land. Originally, this was going to be an Howard Laks-designed, 22-unit condo project.

Now the developer wants approval for a 21-unit, affordable housing project with underground parking. If the site is indeed sold, Howard Laks won't be the architect, according to the source, and another architect will come in to design an affordable housing building.

Anyway, today the PLUM committee approved the modified changes aka the affordable housing plan, a project that's also smaller in height. Additionally, it takes advantage of the density bonus law (in this case, the developer will have subterranean parking, and one spot per unit). Local resident Doug Haines, who was present at today's hearing, appealed the original plan, but said he was pleased that changes were made. "We're appreciative of City Council President Eric Garcetti's support and for listening to the community," he said. Still, Haines called SB1818 a "sham," saying it's a just a ruse for developers to put in more luxury housing. Yes, this project doesn't have any luxury housing, but Haines still is against the density bonus law.

For those just catching up, we've been following the destruction of the two buildings that used to be here, the weediness, and the architectural renderings, and of course, the forgotten letter. Still cursed, this corner?

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