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Downtowners on Potentially Dashed Park, One Santa Fe Loan Approved

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DOWNTOWN: We caught up today with Bill Cooper, the Eastern Columbia resident who had been leading the effort to buy the 11th and Hill site and turn it into a park. Cooper says he just found out three days ago the site was in escrow. He sounded peeved no one from KOR contacted him before the land sold, but added: "We’re going to contact the new owner and see what his plans are and see if there’s any chance to have a park space with his plan." Asked about what might happen next, City Councilman Jose Huizar, who worked with locals on the park plan, sent the following statement: "My office will continue to work with the downtown community and move forward with this park plan. We are currently exploring all possible options." Meanwhile, a commenter points out that the last time KOR sold a site in downtown (Hewitt St), the buyer flipped the land to the DWP for that proposed Clean Tech corridor. And nothing is happening on that front. In this market, that park may just pan out! [Curbed Staff]

DOWNTOWN: As expected, today the City Council approved that loan for the One Sante Fe in the Arts District. The loan only covers the commercial aspect of the project--and that part will start construction before the residential component. Onward and upward. [Curbed Staff]