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Dios Mio! Ronnie James Dio's Encino Estate

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[Photos removed at request of rep for family]

Encino sounds like a fun place to go trick-or-treating: its residents have included Ron Howard, Tom Petty, Samuel L. Jackson, Dick van Dyke, and the owner of this stately manor, Ronnie James Dio. Sadly, the heavy metal legend is making devil horns in the afterlife now, and his 5,000-square-foot home is on the market. The listing doesn't mention his name, but it does invite you to "slide across the 200 year old wood floors from France, have a drink at the pub bar taken from the Kings Arms in Chiqwell Essex, England c. 1820, or enjoy the view through the many custom stained antique windows imported from the 18th & 19th centuries." Other selling points include "antique cathedral windows imported from England c. 1790 includes hand-painted Griffin wall paper as seen in Greystone Manor" and a custom-built music studio. UPDATE: You'll have to go find this home on your own, as a rep for the family has asked the address and photos be removed.

4634 Encino Avenue, Encino, CA 91316