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John Pugliese's Bright and Open Briarcliff View House

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This past weekend the AIA/LA held its first fall home tour of the year (there'll be a second one in October). Join Curbed as we gawk at the pretty architecture of the Hills, from Hollywood to Coldwater. First up is John Pugliese's Briarcliff View House.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels John Pugliese, principal at Cambia Designs, tore down most of the original 1940 house that sat on this plot in the Hollywood Hills, and he built it up again into the Briarcliff View House, where he lives and works. The house currently has one bedroom and three bathrooms--"currently" because the bottom level, which right now is set up as a media space; office; and music room, can be reconfigured into multiple smaller spaces. The second floor has a master suite, kitchen, and living/dining room area that open onto a balcony. The high ceilings make for big views out into the basin. Up top is a roof deck with a drought tolerant garden. Dual pane low 'e' glass in all those windows, along with overhangs around the house, help to cut down on the sun's heat, and good thing, because we didn't notice any shades.
· Cambia Designs [Official Site]