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Percussionist Tickles the Travertine on LACMA's Baby Piano

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LACMA's Resnick Pavilion opens for private parties this weekend and to the public next weekend, so there is lots of activity at and around the new Renzo Piano building. Percussionist Ben Meyers, who became internet famous last spring for playing his high school (link goes to a video) (which, by the way, he just graduated from), was asked to come do his thing at the Resnick. The resulting video is "Playing LACMA," "an original composition, created entirely by Ben, using a Cannon 7D, a few microphones and a brief moment of quiet during construction of the museum's new exhibition pavilion."

Meanwhile, over at the Los Angeles Business Journal, one half of the Pavilion's sponsors, Lynda Resnick, talks about becoming a more public arts patron. She tells the LABJ that she doesn't want to talk about LA's best-known patron, Eli Broad, with whom she's had tensions in the past, but says she let LACMA director Michael Govan take the wheel: "I have seen donors micromanage the process, and I know in the end that it isn’t as good as if you let the visionary have their way." (Broad is notoriously hands on.) She also says a dedicated Resnick museum, similar to the one Broad is about to build Downtown, "would be a folly...My ego doesn't extend to that."

And lastly, LACMA's blog has photos of giant stone Olmec heads being lifted into the Resnick for its opening exhibition.
· Playing LACMA [YouTube]
· Building Up [LABJ]

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