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What's the New Owner Doing to This Assembledge+ House?

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Remember that Assembledge+-designed Sunset Plaza house that had us giving dirty looks to walls for a whole week? It ended up selling in July 2009 for $9.1 million, just a few months after being listed at $9.995 million, and a tipster tells us that it's "been sitting vacant ever since. Then a couple of weeks ago the remodel started. Keep in mind this house was buffed to a fine finish and never been occupied." Hey, you lay out $9 million, you want a house that meets your specifications, but just what kind of tweaking is going on here? Adding walls? Swapping out the wood for a nice Ikea birch? PropertyShark shows a permit issued in September 2009 for replacing drywall and two doors, but there's doesn't seem to be anything since, and the construction company didn't respond to a request for comment. The house has already been through an ordeal--in March 2009 a woman died after driving her car off the road here, falling 100 feet and landing "in a backyard," according to NBC Los Angeles. Let's watch how the renovation goes before deciding if this place is beautiful but cursed, like a Russian novel heroine.
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