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Councilman Tom LaBonge Draws His Fantasy Metro Map

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Well, he didn't really draw it--we did--but the city councilman and member of the council's transportation committee wrote a commentary in today's Daily News advocating for several rail lines to be extended. Being The Daily News, LaBonge made a big play for extending the Red Line subway further into the Valley, specifically underground to Victory and Laurel Canyon boulevards and then above ground on the 170 and then along the 5 to Santa Clarita (don't hold your breath). LaBonge also wants the Gold Line extended westward to Glendale and Griffith Park, and eventually to the Burbank airport. As previously mentioned, LaBonge wants the subway to extend into the Arts District, which is a nice idea, but the Gold Line already skirts its border in Little Tokyo, so it probably wouldn't be a big priority to Metro.

LaBonge also calls for a subway line connecting the station at Koreatown to USC via Vermont--both the subway connection to Bob Hope airport and the Vermont subway are unfunded projects included in Metro's long range transportation plan, so basically they're on Metro's radar but far off from fruition. Ed.'s note: the map we used is Metro's most recent, which includes projects under construction--the Gold Line Foothill extension isn't included in their map yet, possibly because it just started pre-construction this summer.

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