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Hot Mustard Sauce Rains Down on Los Feliz Neighbor

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LA residents who fear living in the shadows of tall towers will likely seize on an editorial written by Katherine Pakradouni in this week's Los Feliz Ledger. Others may simply seize the free bottles of mustard. Pakradouni’s father likes to saw wood in his backyard but the noise has prompted an anonymous neighbor in the next-door Los Feliz Towers complex to throw eggs, jars of horseradish and mustard, and a soy sauce bottle into the Pakradouni family yard. But the problem is bigger than just being doused with sauce and glass jars, according to Pakradouni, who says the "two monstrous beige buildings, which are prided to be the only high-rise buildings in the neighborhood" create an us versus them mentality.

More from op-ed:

"My family has lived in a home in the shadow of one of these massive buildings since 1973. Whoever decided that building the Towers would be a good idea had money, not the community, in mind. The fault rests not so much with the residents, but with the architecture itself. We actually cannot get to know each other. In 20 years, I’ve met five Towers residents, maybe. The rest are strangers to me and I to them...Towers residents may know one another, but there is another community outside of the colossal buildings."

Perhaps a public shaming will keep that mustard-throwing neighbor quiet, but in the meantime, here's a 1,071 square foot two-bedroom that's listed for sale for $549,000 in the Towers. Good views, good throwing arm needed.

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