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Sweaty Coeds Will Generate Power at Cal State Northridge Gym

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Image via LPA Architects

Now this is cool. Students working out on exercise machines will generate power at the new LPA Architects-designed gym at Cal State Northridge, according to the Daily News. "The new ReRev system will transmit power generated by students on gym equipment into the CSUN electrical grid." There's not a lot more info about how exactly student-run Stairmasters and stationary bikes will power the grid, but the article does state the new Recreation Center will open in 2012, and that it replaces an existing smaller facility. Irvine-based LPA's design for this gym won a Design Excellence Award from the San Fernando Valley chapter of the American Institute of Architects, according to the paper. The school is also getting a new Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC).
· 'Green' gymnasium being built [Daily News]