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Figueroa Street Chevron Shuts, More USC Housing Coming

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Chevron via Daily Trojan
Writing an opinion piece in the Daily Trojan, student Deepa Ramprasad bemoans the closure of the Chevron gas station at the corner of Figueroa Street and Exposition Boulevard, where a student development project is planned. "We already have an excess of pricey apartments. What we do not have excess of are gas stations," Ramprasad writes. "Chevron was one of the closest to campus — tied with the AM/PM station on Vermont avenue and Exposition — and in its absence students will be forced to travel greater distances in search of fuel."

More affordable student housing is needed, argues Ramprasad, who references those big USC housing complexes that recently went up. "Tuscany apartments was built a few short years ago while University Gateway opened its doors just this fall. Neither building is renting at full capacity, which is easily understandable given the one-two punch of a recession and the exorbitant price tags of the apartments."

Naturally, a few commenters on the Trojan site attack the writer, calling Ramprasad “spoiled" because the student has to drive further for gas. According to an older Trojan story, developer Icon Plaza is planning a six-story complex that will offer "luxury living amenities, such as a 24-hour concierge, spa and pool, in addition to laundry, maid and room services." Trojans have long complained about the lack of affordable student housing.
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