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Famous West Hollywod Club The Factory Changing Hands

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A vintage shot of the original Factory from Arcadia Publishing via WeHo News; more recent shot from The Factory

Nightlife maven Sandy Sachs is selling The Factory, a well-known gay club on La Peer Drive, reports the WeHo News. The newspaper has some history on the 15,000 square foot building which the Factory occupies. Built in 1929 as the Mitchell Camera Company and owned by studio mogul William Fox, "the facility made most of the still and motion picture cameras used by the studios of the day," writes the WeHo News.

During World War II, the space became the Norden bomb site factory, returning to civilian use as an art print factory until 1968--that's when 'Ol Blue Eyes and his buddies bought it up and turned it into a swinging hotspot. Sachs took over the Factory more than 20 years ago, turning it one of the area's biggest gay party scenes. Sachs, who runs Dinah Shore Weekend, is selling the catering and liquor licenses to an individual named Araceli Avellaneda, according to the paper.

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