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Everyone Into the Street, Hancock Lofts Pricing Doesn't Budge

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HMC Architects' Parking Day park
DOWNTOWN: Across the city today, groups took over parking spaces as part of Parking Day LA. Parking Day LA's Facebook page has more photos, while their official site has a Twitter stream link. Above is HMC Architects' downtown parking space: "The concept is to create a community garden, made almost entirely of recycled office materials. Used drawing tubes filled with planters of herbs, vegetables, and flowers, will be shaped into a rolling landscape. Visitors will be encouraged to take a plant home to grown in their own urban garden." Pick up a little basil for dinner. [Curbed InBox]

: Like the cheese, Hancock Lofts stands alone. As is in: The building stands alone in terms of pricing. Other WeHo condo projects may have dropped asking prices, but the latest pricing sheet shows prices unchanged since that sales check in February. Last time, there were two units sold; today's sheet shows an additional unit sold, and another sale pending in the 31-unit building. [Curbed InBox]