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Fashion's Night Out Aftermath, Vintage Downtown and in the Valley

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MELROSE: Last week we watched the big buildup to Fashion's Night Out, and now the recaps. Racked has the round up from Melrose, where the Fred Segal store was the most happening/rocking spot--Racked spied members of Gogol Bordello and LMFAO, and the Dandy Warhols played.

BEVERLY GROVE: And over on Robertson, the scene made Racked "think of what it's like to live in a real, live city -- groups of people lining the streets, high-pitched laughter piercing the night sky, a general atmosphere of frolick." The power of shopping!

DOWNTOWN: Racked reports from A Current Affair, a two-day vintage event held in the penthouse of the Cooper Building. Nothing like a little Bob Mackie with your view. Or a view with your Bob Mackie.

STUDIO CITY: Second-hand favorite Wasteland has opened up in the Valley, which makes sense to Racked "since there are so many publicity-averse celebs, up-and-comers, wannabes, and stylists who call the 818 home."