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City Considers Upping Number of Allowed Household Pets

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Ooh, this news will please the cat hoarders. Earlier this summer City Councilmembers Bill Rosendahl and Paul Koretz introduced a motion that would increase the number of allowed household pets from three dogs and/or cats to five of each, according to the Daily Breeze. Those in favor of the plan say this pet plan will reduce the number of animals in shelters, lower rates of euthanasia (LA kills one out of four dogs and six out of 10 cats), and help bring in money through canine registration fees. Those that oppose the motion include Phyllis Daugherty, director of the Animal Issues Movement in Los Angeles. She tels the Breeze: "It's cruel to the animals. It's cruel to people who will have dog packs in the streets. L.A. will be known as the Barking City. There will be howling in the streets - by dogs. (And) everyone will be howling at this to City Hall." Because of pet "waste flushed down city storm drains, as well as more potential pet attacks on wildlife, Daugherty is pushing for a full environmental impact report," according to the Breeze. Everyone knows about the rooster crackdown in LA, while Hermosa Beach, has struggled with the issue of noisy pets.
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