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Taking 200 Feet of Hollywood From Cars, Giving It to Massages

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Rendering via Hollywood Community Studio

Hey, look at that--just days announcing the winner of our Fantasy Pedestrian Plaza poll (it was Broadway), Los Angeles is getting a real pedestrian plaza, at least for a few days. From Friday to Sunday this week 200 feet of Hudson Avenue above Hollywood will be shut down to cars and filled with activities including crafts, theater performances, and massages, all brought to you by the Hollywood Community Studio.

The street will close tomorrow at 8 am and reopen on Sunday at 6 pm (activities are only during the daytime). Some neighbors are already peeved, like this HCS blog commenter who lives in the Hillview Hollywood apartment building: "Since I live on the first floor overlooking this street, it is a nuisance and annoyance to have a ‘party’ for an entire weekend right outside my windows...This is supposed to be an upscale residential building, not a Theme Park." Also in the blog comments the group assures locals "While planning the event, we spoke with City traffic engineers who do not anticipate the temporary plaza will have much effect on the traffic flow in the neighborhood."
· Hollywood Community Studio [Official Site]