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Shipwrecked in Echo Park, Renters Rights in WeHo

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ECHO PARK: The latest show from the kids at the Machine Project in Echo Park involves a lot of wood. Behold artist Josh Beckman’s Sea Nymph, a indoor shipwreck. The show goes through October 5th, and there are various activities planned. Hipster overboard. [Machine Project]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: A reader takes notice of the power renters have. "I got a notice in the mail the other day that a tenant in my building in West Hollywood is taking the landlord to the city in order to get rent reductions. This landlord has done an awful job managing the building. We’ve dealt with severe plumbing issues and the common area pool situation is atrocious (non-functioning hot tub and grimy pool). Just thought that was interesting that people can do this in Weho." [Curbed InBox]