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New Silver Line Bus Station for Downtown's Union Station

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Behold the proposed Silver Line bus station in downtown. Currently called the "Union Station/Patsaouras" station, this new elevated stop will serve riders of the Silver Line, that nearly year-old line that connects the South Bay and the San Gabriel Valley to Downtown. So you know what you're looking at: The glowing "M" is located above the Denny's restaurant on Ramirez Street and the road right to the left of the "M"-- heading toward the mountains--is Vignes Street. Designed by Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn Architects (who also did Patsaouras Transit Plaza) and STV Inc, this new bus station will make it easier for Silver Line riders to connect to other lines, according to Tim Lindholm, Director of Capital Projects at Metro. (Currently, Silver Line riders get out on Alameda Street, right where the busway ends.) Metro will go out for bids on the $15 million project in November, according to Lindhold, and then it's another 18 months until it's finished.
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