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What If We Turned MOCA Into a Quintet of Skyscrapers?

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Three stories, Broad? Pffft. Two Italian dreamers want to make MOCA's Grand Avenue building touch the sky. Via eVolo: "architects Massimo Guidotti and Davide Albertini designed a mixed-use development for Downtown Los Angeles. The project would be located in front of the Walt Disney Concert Hall as a set of five towers linked by sky-plazas and bridges. The main intention of the proposal is to create an outdoor recreational area suspended above the city. The plaza is linked to the ground by a set of enclosed escalators and the towers’ cores." Besides a MOCA expansion, the complex would include two office buildings, a hotel, and residences.

Could it happen? MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch told ArtInfo in January "there are plans to revamp Grand Avenue to change the way one enters the museum. These are some exciting ideas. Right now the priority is to work on the financial stability and to develop programming." Think taller, Deitch!
· Extension to the MOCA in Los Angeles [eVolo]