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Another Delay for Bundy Village, Vote Now in 2011?

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Bundy Village, approved by the Planning Commission earlier this year, was supposed to head to the Planning and Land Use Committee on October 5th. But yesterday, the developer asked for a 120-day extension so "community concerns regarding the project," could be addressed, according to a letter sent to the city by lobbyist Dale Goldsmith of Armburster, Goldsmith & Delvac. Download the letter here. Fearing traffic and questioning if this is the best use of the site, some community members, as well as wealthy developer Kilroy Realty, have been fighting the proposed project (one resident famously called it the "Village of the Damned"). Bundy Village developer Michael Lombardi has long defended his plans to bring a healthcare complex, which will now have a senior housing component, to the 11th district.
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