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When Pigs Fly, Downtown Spring Street Garage Coming?

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DOWNTOWN: If you happened to wonder why a pig was flying around downtown, it all was part of a Verizon commercial, according to the Los Angeles Times.

DOWNTOWN: Look, some political tic-tac-toe. A local restaurant owner and the host of the A&E's Flip this House, Rudy Martinez is running for Jose Huizar's City Council seat. Today, Martinez's office put out a press release indicating that a longtime local developer has apparently decided to throw his support to Martinez--and this developer plans to build a new garage in downtown.

Via the release: "The emergence of Rudy Martinez as a candidate for the 14th District seat on the Los Angeles City Council has prompted executives of Downtown Management Co. Inc. to move forward on plans to build a 500-space, multi-story parking garage on the 500 block of S. Spring Street, in the heart of city’s center. The estimated $25 million project will include ground-floor retail space, require no public funding, and will bring a boost for the revitalization of nightlife and the historic theaters of nearby Broadway." The release goes on to blame Huizar for inaction on getting the garage approved, quoting a Downtown Management Co. Inc exec as stating the developer never "really got to the bottom of nor understood [Huizar's] opposition to our plan.”

Downtown Management Co. Inc also owns the Spring Arcade building. [Curbed InBox]