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Pugh + Scarpa Talk Break-Up, and Meet Brooks + Scarpa

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Brooks and Scarpa's Solar House via Inhabitat ; more info
The Architectural Record sits down with Lawrence Scarpa, Gwynne Pugh and Angela Brooks (Scarpa's wife), to talk about the firm's recently announced break-up. Which is all amicable, insist the principals. The Santa Monica-based firm has designed everything from the Kings on Kings project, to numerous residences, and much, much more. On what's next: "Gwynne Pugh officially left the 22-year-old firm on September 1 to start his own enterprise, Gwynne Pugh Urban Studio. Scarpa remains at the helm with Angela Brooks, who became Pugh + Scarpa’s third principal in 1999. They will keep the firm’s name for the remainder of this year, but plan to change it to Brooks + Scarpa in 2011.

Pugh and Scarpa’s decision to split up, after leading the firm together since 1991, “was relatively quick, and happened over the course of the last three months,” says Pugh. “Larry kind of wanted to go his own way, and there were opportunities that I saw for going in a different direction than he was interested in, so it was a mutual kind of process.”
· Pugh + Scarpa Split Not A "Nasty Divorce" [Architectural Record]