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Wallis Annenberg's Lovely Frat Boy Den in Malibu

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Photos by Thomas Loof, courtesy of T&C

Town & Country, the magazine your WASP-y grandmother kept back issues of, heads to Los Angeles for its October issue. Among others, the magazine profiles Wallis Annenberg, patron saint to the arts and dogs alike, and her Malibu getaway in the Colony, a five-bedroom, 6,900-square-foot house formerly owned by Michael Landon. Architect Fred Fisher (who also did the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica ) re-designed the home, which pre-renovation was likened to “a West Coast version of Norman Jaffe’s modernism, with lots of angles and wood cladding.” According to the piece, Wallis's favorite time to stay in Malibu is the fall, and she likes to invite friends over to play cards and watch football games. To which we say, we will bring the chips and salsa, Wallis.
· Town & Country, not online [Official Site]