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Fifth and Flower Stop May Get Axed from Downtown Connector

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To cut costs, Metro may end up dropping one of those four proposed downtown stations for the Regional Connector, the light rail system that will ultimately connect the Gold Line stop in Little Tokyo with the 7th and Metro station, reports the Downtown News. Each station costs about $150 million, and given the costs of going underground (Metro is leaning toward that option), the agency may say good-bye to the Financial District station.

More from the DN:

"Metro Project Director Dolores Roybal Saltarelli said the Financial District station would be the most obvious candidate for elimination because it is so close to the Seventh Street Metro Station, which is two blocks away on Flower Street."

Additionally, Dana Gabbard, executive secretary for the Southern California Transit Advocates, tells the paper that the "four stations along a two-mile path would likely slow trains down, Gabbard said. “At that point you’re not really talking about rapid transit,” he said. “It’s more this slow-pokey thing that doesn’t really have time and the distance to pick up any speed.”
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