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One-Bedroom Apartment in Hollywood's Garfield Court

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Winter and Gebhard's Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles describes the 1927 Garfield Court Apartments, located near AFI, as "a really grand Spanish court with beautiful trees. Even the fire escapes are beautifully designed and crafted." Currently, there's a one-bedroom available in the twenty-unit complex; per the listing it comes with "French windows, hardwood floors, beam ceiling, dining room, stove/refrigerator, period tile in kitchen/bath, front and back entrances. Lots of period detail." There's also a laundry on the premises, and gas and water are included in the rent, which is a very reasonable $1,595 per month.
· $1595 / 1br - 1920's Old Hollywood Charm w/Hardwood Floors [Craigslist]