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Mid-Century Mini-Compound Above the Sunset Strip

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Designer-developer Billy Lehman of Aeries Development took what the firm's website calls "two formerly dilapidated 1952 ranch houses, purchased separately" and turned them into this cool little compound--a two bedroom main house and two bedroom guest house with a total of six and a half bathrooms, connected by a redwood staircase. The property also includes a swimmer's pool, an orchard, "and several outdoor 'rooms.'" Lehman is married to New Yorker writer and poet Dana Goodyear, who is apparently also a devoted hunter. According to this article on the house in C magazine (link goes to a pdf), the zebra pelt seen in the photos is real. Not pictured: the Impala head in the master bedroom. The property first went on the market in May asking $4.95 million and has been chopped to $4.495 million. The main house is also available solo, asking $2.795 million.
· 1542 MARMONT Ave [Redfin]