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Culver City Talking Lawsuit Over West Los Angeles College

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Image via WLAC master plan
The Front Page is reporting that the city of Culver City will file a lawsuit against West Los Angeles College, all part of an attempt to stop the school from undertaking a major construction initiative. Patch Culver City has more: "This 2010 Supplemental Environmental Impact Report—which was approved Aug. 11 by the district Board of Trustees--has sparked controversy among homeowners associations concerning the more than 350,000 square feet of new development for West Los Angeles College, which will result in six new campus buildings and renovations to existing structures.

More via Patch:

"Residents and the City Council alike have spoken out against the 2010 report, stating that it disregards community concerns about traffic, noise, parking and access to campus facilities, as well as disregarding a 2005 memorandum of understanding between the college and homeowners associations." College Interim President Dr. Rose Marie Joyce said in a statement that "it appreciates the great support it has received from throughout the community and regrets that a few remain frustrated with our efforts." Architect firms WWCOT and ah' be are behind the project's design.
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