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Half-Finished Richard Landry Waiting for You in Santa Monica

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This half-finished Richard Landry-designed home recently dropped from about $20 million to $18 million. It may not look like much, but the seven-bedroom, twelve-bath home "will be the grandest residence built West of 405" when it's finished, promises the listing.Trista Rullan, real estate agent at Hilton & Hyland, tells us the home is not in any state of foreclosure, but that the owner basically got fed up with the bureaucratic process of getting the home finished. The home is located on both Santa Monica and Los Angeles, and "it took years to get the permits," she says. "He was just wiped out." And if there's more to this story, we don't know it.
· 1525 SAN VICENTE Blvd [Redfin]