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Is Century City Key to the Global Illuminati Conspiracy?

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We knew the CAA Death Star was a dark harbinger, but is it part of a massive global conspiracy? According to a thread at Godlike Productions, a messageboard that refers to itself as the "lunatic fringe," the Illuminati are infiltrating Century City. A member there discovered that Century Park shows up in Google Earth looking a lot like the Eye of Providence, which is often associated with the very secret, very powerful, very speculatively existential Illuminati. Godlike Productions' members seems to think the sign is a perfect fit with the entertainment work that goes on inside the neighboring Century Plaza Towers and 2000 Avenue of the Stars. Not to mention that the towers were designed by Minoru Yamasaki, who's best known for the World Trade Center. Also, according to one poster, "If anyone you meet ever says they are from Century City (NOT LA- but CC) than you'd be advised to be nice to them and not ever cross them. Only lodge-connected folks ever say Century City instead of LA." Now you know.
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