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Eric Owen Moss Arts Tower Will Offer Expo Line Views Next Year

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Shot taken in Sept 2009
Everyone has been wondering when architect Eric Owen Moss's Culver City arts tower will open and via a review today by LAT critic Christopher Hawthorne, one learns that you'll be able to climb all over the Expo Line-adjacent 72-foot tower early next year. And even though Moss puts out some rather interesting and questionably different work, Hawthorne likes this project: "The tower marks a refreshing and important departure by Moss...Its goal is not to evoke a mood or draw a line in the sand but to enable an outlook — and to mark a point in the city visible from trains on the Expo Line and cars on National Boulevard, the nearby 10 Freeway and elsewhere."


"In helping Moss break free of the sometimes suffocating self-consciousness that has marked his work, that difference is crucial. The arrival of a new train line in his old neighborhood has captivated the architect just enough to keep him, at least in this one compelling project, from chasing his own tail."

And via this older video, you can see some of the fantastic views from the tower.
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