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Will Green San Ysidro Border Makeover Get You Down to Baja Faster?

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[Images via archdaily]

The very busy San Ysidro Land Port of Entry (where the I-5 crosses into Tijuana) is set to get a net zero makeover starting next year, and there's even an indication that the redesign will hack wait times at the border crossing. Seattle firm The Miller Hull Partnership designed the project, which includes 34 vehicle lanes, an administrative and operations facility, a primary and secondary vehicle inspection canopy, and more.

Here's how a press release from the firm describes the look and feel: "Four 100-foot iconic masts will extend from a 725-foot 'pillow' canopy that covers lanes of traffic going into the United States. These masts will include security cameras and lighting and will pump fresh air into the inspection booths below the canopy." And here's the good wait time news: "The current wait for pedestrians and cars can be as long as 90 minutes, and the new design is on target to reduce that time to 30 minutes."

Construction for all three stages of the project is budgeted at $395 million. Phase one, starting construction next year, will cover the northbound lanes and inspection areas.
· The Miller Hull Partnership unveils new designs for San Ysidro U.S. Land Port of Entry [archdaily]