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Redbury Mural Update, 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard Update

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Via Elizabeth Daniels
HOLLYWOOD: Curbed photographer Elizabeth Daniels shot the Cleo restaurant at the new Redbury Hotel today and passes along a photo of that mural (still in progress?). Check out where it was last Friday. Contrast and compare. Tricky! [Curbed InBox]

CENTURY CITY: After a tipster pointed out that dirt is moving around at 10000 Santa Monica, site of a once-planned leafy tower by a French architect, yup, the land is listed for sale. A rep for Jones Lang La Salle confirmed his company has the listing, but he declined to comment. Meanwhile, Curbed commenters may be able to fill in some blanks. [Curbed Staff]

10000 Santa Monica Boulevard

10000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90067