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Wells Fargo Malibu Colony Party House Finally Sells

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Starla's going to be getting the really good dog food tonight. The Wells Fargo Malibu party house has sold, with celeb agent Chad Rogers helping handle the deal. As you will remember, Wells Fargo took the house in May 2009 at a recorded price of $12 million. Then an executive promptly brought in the red cups and the cheese plates, spending the summer throwing parties at the beach house. As fall approached, the party ended--the LA Times broke the story, the exec was fired, and Rogers got the listing. Asking price was $21.5 million in September 2009 and $18 million in May 2010. The sale price, recorded just a few days ago, was $14.95 million. UPDATE: Ka-ching! According to Redfin, Rogers represented both the buyer and the seller.
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