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Estranged Wife Comes With Dennis Hopper's Murphy/Gehry Compound

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Moving is a bitch. Why even bother? Especially when you live in a nice big Venice compound designed by Frank Gehry and Brian Murphy. You've got a pool, your friends can stay in the many guest houses, you can walk to the shops of Abbot Kinney. Why the only reason you'd ever have to move is if your almost-ex-husband's estate asked a judge to force you out! Ooh, bad news for Victoria Duffy. Duffy was engaged in a nasty divorce with Dennis Hopper when he died in May, but things were never finalized. In April, a judge ruled that Duffy could keep living on Hopper's property, but now that the Dennis Hopper Trust is trying to sell the Venice compound, it's filed a petition in LA Superior Court to recover possession of the property. The Trust wants Duffy to move instead to a house she co-owns with them in Brentwood. According to TMZ, the papers say she's "wrongfully possessing and withholding...control" of the estate. The papers also say the compound needs to be sold to pay off Hopper's debts.
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Dennis Hopper Compound

330 Indiana Ave., Los Angeles, CA