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Tourists Seize the Segways, CleanTech Corridor Contest

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WEST HOLLYWOOD: A curious reader sends in the following photo and writes: "Spotted this family of tourists migrating through West Hollywood on their Segways. Am I dreaming or are these Segways everywhere now? Big tourist thing or something? See them mostly in Weho, Hollywood." [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Fame and money awaits you, young architect. Via the InBox: "SCI-Arc and the Architect's Newspaper have partnered with the of the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles ) to launch another competition today- this one is focused on the Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor." The Clean Tech corridor is a four mile stretch along the LA River Downtown that the city wants to turn into a job-attracting district.

The competition, which offers more than $11,000 in prize money, is presented with the Office of the Mayor of Los Angeles and the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles, which established the Clean Tech Corridor. It asks entrants to move beyond industrial uses; creating an integrated economic, residential, clean energy, and cultural engine for the city through architectural and urban strategies.

Crucially, this competition will provide an open ideas forum for provocative, even revolutionary, new visions of LA’s urban fabric and infrastructure. Professional and student competitors are also asked to consider the work already completed by the Urban Land Institute’s Advisory Service Panel (ULI) on the Los Angeles Cleantech Corridor that is sponsored by the CRA/LA and the DWP.

Entries are due on September 30, 2010

More information, including the competition brief, timeline, and the complete jury can be found via this link.