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Subway Worries Getting Louder in Beverly Hills

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Aside from news of a new planning commissioner and Nate n' Al's maybe getting an outpost at LAX, today's Beverly Hills Courier reports on Westsiders grumbling louder over the alignment of the Purple Line extension--the actual description in the headline is "uproar."

At Tuesday's BH city council meeting, the city's deputy director of transportation, Aaron Kunz, discussed the proposed alignment from the Beverly Drive/Rodeo Drive stop to Century City. Metro will either tunnel under Wilshire and Santa Monica, or through Constellation North, or Constellation South. Con North would go under four homes and 18 non-residential buildings, while Con South would go under 23 homes and 13 non-residential buildings, with both routes below Brandon and Brenda Beverly Hills High School. Basically, everyone at the meeting wants the Santa Monica Blvd. route, but most likely that would disrupt traffic in one of the Westside's busiest intersections. "When Mayor [Jimmy] Delshad posed a scenario wherein Beverly Hills decided against the project because of these concerns, he asked Kunz if Metro would have to change their plans. Kunz said he did not know how that would affect further project development, but revealed that the power ultimately lies in Metro's hands." Metro has said they will release the environmental impact report--which highlights their preliminary route decisions--this summer, but The Courier is reporting it'll be this fall.
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