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Angeleno Mag Playing the Nabe Game

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Angeleno's August issue is dedicated to real estate, which means they're letting all us plebs know where the hip rich kids are buying. Here's the breakdown:

Coolest Neighborhoods Right Now:
Trousdale -- The fabulous mid-century architecture has already drawn half the cast of Friends. (You'll know it's jumped the shark when David Schwimmer shows up.)
Manhattan Beach -- Beachy Strand living has attracted sexy athletes like Maria Sharapova and Landon Donovan, so living there must be great for your glutes.
South Park -- Thank you Evo, Luma, Elleven, and USC trustafarians.

Coolest Neighborhoods in Five Years:
West Adams, according to real estate agent Ernie Carswell, who we know best as the guy who did not represent the seller in the sale of land near the Hollywood Sign. Maybe he's not brokering a big land deal in West Adams now?
Cahuenga/Vine corridor, according to fourth Jonas Brother Chad Rogers.
Hollywood Media District, according to real estate agent Timothy Enright.
Angelino Heights is about to get its ticket punched for the express train to GentrificationTown, according to real estate agent Aaron Kirman.

Santa Monica Wears the Bamboo Crown for Greenest of Them All, But Here Are the Up-and-Comers:
Los Feliz hates gas-powered leaf blowers.
Mar Vista is down with graywater and Ed Begley, Jr.
Hermosa Beach is angling to be the first carbon neutral city in the county, so your Leaf parks for free.

Bonus Q: Where are the Architects?
A: Venice, east of Abbot Kinney and north of Venice.
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