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Livingston Hotel Selling Condos, Concerto Hearing Pushed Back

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PASADENA: More condos for Pasadena: Welcome to the dance floor the Livingstone Hotel, located at 139 S. Los Robles. The hotel has been transformed into 32 condominiums, and here's more via the press release: "With 28 of the Livingstone’s residential units in the $300’s and $400’s, monthly payments for most residences are actually lower than the asking rental rates in the CBD’s newer apartment complexes." There's no immediate web site we can find, but blogger Brigham Yen has been watching this one. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Update from this morning's exciting Concerto hearing. So conversations between Astani and CCV can continue, a hearing to discuss the bankruptcy re-organization was pushed back till August 27th, while the judge ordered both sides into mediation over the relief of stay motion, meaning a decision on whether or not CCV can foreclose on the building won't come until next year. Meanwhile, more news about the tower emerged at today's hearing. The tower now has its TCO and 20 units are in contract (though the judge will still have to eventually allow those sales to go forward). And we hear the pool is opening soon. Onward and upward. [Curbed Staff]