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Just a Little Electromagnetic Issue in Brentwood

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Well, this all looks well enough--four bedrooms, six and a half bathrooms in Brentwood, including a guest house, with a fireplace and wet bar. Plus there's a cute dog pic. But what's that listing? "New Price Reflects Two new Issues regarding Inspections." What could those be? According to the tipster who sent this in last night, the listing read: "1.Electro Magnetic Field Issue due to the Brentwood Power lines, Have report on hand 2. Foundation Water Issues," although it looks like those key phrases have now been excised. Maybe it was all a big misunderstanding. The house was originally listed in February at $1.799 million and was just recently under contract and listed at $1.4 million. New asking is $1.299999 million.
· 841 North KENTER Ave [Redfin]

841 N. Kenter Ave., Los Angeles, CA