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English Boho-Style Redbury Hotel Launches Web Site, Offers Photos

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News about SBE's new Hollywood hotel, The Redbury, is coming out in exciting fits and spurts. Here's the latest: The hotel opens – soft launch – on August 17th and will be fully operational on September 1st. And there's now an official web site (bare bones) up and running. Let's politely ignore whatever stock photo was used for that home page and move on to the important details. How much are the rooms?

And here's a description from Preferred Boutique, where you can make reservations: "The Redbury features 57 thoughtfully appointed guest flats that exude a bohemian counter-culture feel, inspired by traditional English antiques with design elements that are drawn from a variety of Old World ethnic cultures. Created to provide a relaxed and entertaining environment, each spacious guest suite offers a home-like atmosphere to accommodate stays of a day, a week, or as long as wanted."

The description says room service from nearby Katsuya is available, while the place also will have vintage rock and roll posters, so it appears Redbury is going for a Keith Richards-Patti Hansen boho thing, which ties back to what SBE head Sam Nazarian was talking about when he said there would be a music theme. As for prices, if you try and book a room for say, September 15th, you'll get rates for rooms ranging from $299-$699.
· The Redbury [Official Site]
· Preferred Boutique-Redbury [Preferred Boutique]

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