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San Gabriel Valley Residents Speak Out About High-Speed and Eminent Domain

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Yikes, some residents in the San Gabriel Valley just found out a high-speed railway may come through the area. Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but a Pasadena Star-News talks about how residents are griping that there isn't enough information on potential routes. There's also worry about eminent domain. "Some cities in the path of a proposed high speed rail line through the San Gabriel Valley are lining up against the project's potential to displace homes and businesses. Rosemead earlier this year passed a resolution opposing any route that would displace property owners, while Alhambra city officials are scheduled to meet Monday to discuss the project. Officials will consider a resolution opposing a route along surface streets."

One of the issues is the proposed potential routes on the 10 Freeway, according to the paper. Since nothing is concrete yet, there's also just a lot of information being discussed.

"Ann-Marie Hayashi, Alhambra's assistant to the city manager, said rail authority officials informed city officials they envision 12-foot-diameter concrete pylons placed every 100 feet or so on streets near the freeway. Hayashi, who has been working on the issue for Alhambra for the last few months, believes officials in many neighboring cities don't know a lot about the proposals." But others, like El Monte Mayor Andre Quintero, are speaking out in support of the project.
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