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New Build or Just a Flip in Atwater Village?

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Our tipster is super unhappy with this house, writing "I truly believe this house deserves a special mention just for the sheer audacity of it's price," noting its proximity to the 5 and the asking price that's double the last purchase price (in February this year). "Anyway, I just wanted to bring this to someone (anyone's) attention." Attention brought, reader. This house is a little tricky--it's listed as "a brand new GREEN home," but a Department of Building & Safety permit search shows roof work and not much else, and Google Street View appears to show the same house, pre-renovation. Either way, the listing says the property includes the main house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and front and back decks, drought-resistant landscaping with a fountain and lemon trees, and avocado tree outdoor furniture. There's also a two car garage, which a permit search shows is indeed new. Asking price is $819,000.
· 3795 VALLEYBRINK Rd [Redfin]

3795 Valleybrink Rd., Los Angeles, CA