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Law & Order: Los Angeles Apparently Inspired by Boyz n the Hood

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More than one concerned reader has written in about the trailer for Law & Order: Los Angeles, which premieres September 22. One writes: "Bullet holes in the Beverly Hills sign? 90's era hip-hop music? Is this a period show or do they have an archaic view of Los Angeles?"

At the Television Critics Association events this week, creator Dick Wolf called celebrity crime "part of the L.A. landscape...So we won’t have celebrities every week, but we cannot avoid that." The franchise has already covered Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson, OJ, and even Gehry (!), and LA Weekly took a few stabs at which other local headlines LOLA might rip from. We ask Wolf and his writers to please consider the huge potential for garish murder stories to be spun out of the billboard wars and the antics of the Bus Riders Union. And of course there's the story of Dr. Marc Abrams. Your own ideas in the comments, please!
· Law & Order: Los Angeles [NBC]