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Norco Passionately Debates Number, Type of Bobs Statues

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Do you ever wonder what happens in Riverside County? Here's just a taste: Norco, aka Horsetown USA, is having a very serious problem with Bob's Big Boy Bob statues. From the Press-Enterprise: "The equestrian-themed city had expected the restaurant to install two westernized Bobs -- one in the parking lot and one on the roof. But they ended up with three Bobs -- one Cowboy Bob in front and two original Bobs in the parking lot and on the roof. That's two original Bobs too many and one Cowboy Bob short." So you can see the problem. The original contract between restaurant owner James Tsai and the city guaranteed two Cowboy Bobs and included $7,000 in redevelopment funds to make it happen. Apparently the city thought Tsai would just outfit the Bobs he already had, but instead he bought a new $9,200 Cowboy Bob and now says he has no money for a second one. "We wanted him to really go away," says one city councilmember of original Bob. "I'm afraid it's going to dilute Cowboy Bob to have so many Bobs. Maybe it's better to have one special Bob." Tsai suggests the city buy him another Cowboy Bob, and that he donate one of the original Bobs to the city so they can auction it off. [Still via ABC7]
· Norco's Cowboy Bob squares off against regular Big Boy [Press-Enterprise]