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More Tinkering at the Embassy Hotel, 920 Bus Threatened

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SOUTH PARK: For five years there's been talk of the Embassy Hotel/Trinity Auditorium being turned into a boutique hotel (a Gansevoort at one point) by its owner, New York developer Chetrit Group. A reader points out that some kind of work is underway, though work has started and stopped before. Back in February,the Downtown News harangued Chetrit for leaving its numerous downtown LA properties fallow. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: We've heard rumors that the 920 bus on Wilshire, which zips from Koreatown to Santa Monica with only four stops in between, may get the boot. Jose Ubaldo of Metro confirms they are considering axing the line and devoting more resources to the 720. A meeting next week will take public comment on that proposal; if the 920's cut, it won't be until December, Ubaldo adds.

The meeting regarding the 920 line will take place Wednesday, August 11 at 5 p.m. at the La Cienega Tennis Center, 325 S La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills.