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Rob Hussey's Concrete, Glass, and Steel in Santa Monica

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This house might have every trendy SFR element of the last twenty years: glass catwalk; finished concrete hearths, countertops, and sinks; black bamboo floors; saline pool and Koi pond; and of course a 450 pound pivoting teak door. The four bedroom, four plus bathroom house is "Rob Hussey's latest" and the listing touts its "integration of natural materials, light, & volume in an open plan." The house was on a Venice architecture tour earlier this year--that website says it's a collaboration between Hussey and Gray Matter Architecture. The house is for sale at $7.25 million and for lease at $21,500 a month with a $57,000 deposit. We can't say what the math is supposed to be there, just that you can't expect a 450 pound pivoting teak door to come cheap.
· $21500 / 4br - 700 Kingman Ave (Santa Monica) [Craigslist]