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Golf Cart Wars are Back, City May Take Over Program

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The Los Angeles Times has long been covering the city's attempts to award a contract to a company to rent out the electric golf carts at the city's seven 18-hole golf courses, a process which still isn't resolved even after seven years. Backed by lobbyists, numerous groups have been fighting over the contracts at the city's courses, while golfers have been stuck using broken-down golf carts. But now park officials are saying the city should rent out the carts themselves, a move which has the head of the company that was picked to do the job speaking out about the "glacial pace" that things get done at City Hall--and talking about people getting shot in the head. Via the Times: "Parks officials have recommended that the five-member Recreation and Parks Commission vote Wednesday to terminate a contract with a company that has performed the work for at least 35 years and drop plans — two years in the making — to award the concession to Encino-based Ready Golf.

"I would recommend that someone put a bullet in their head before they try to get a contract with the city," Ready Golf President Michael Bernback said after learning of the new proposal. "Nothing moves forward. Nothing gets accomplished." And as the paper notes, the proposal follows all those city layoffs and a "warning from the city's top budget official that public employees should no longer deliver services that are outside the city's core mission."
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