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Condo Turned Rental Building 333 Wilton is Condo Again

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Remember old friend 333 Wilton? The 12-unit building opened in 2008, selling units priced at $575,000. That didn't work out so well so developer L3 Properties decided to go rental, but promised that the building would go condo once again. The day has come and now 333 Wilton is currently offering six units (currently occupied by renters, who are notice that they may have to start packing soon). Additionally, two more units may soon come up on the market. Prices range from $549,000 for a 1,400 square foot unit to $649,000 for a 1,550 square unit. As for why the developers have decided now is the time to go condo, "they felt the market had stabilized," says Saam Shabahang, one of the listing agents. Meanwhile, boundary alert: This building inspired the great Koreatown-adjacent or Hancock Park-adjacent debate.
· 333 Wilton [Official Site]