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Trailer Rental in Topanga, Ascent at Warner Center Prices

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View from your trailer park

TOPANGA: This trailer rental isn't exactly cheap. And it's a tough credit check--three referrals, please. But you can bring your cat Misty. "Fancy newer oak paneled 30ft trailer home, nestled under giant old oak; enchanted, private, magnificent view of mountains, fenced. Ideal for 1 (one) person....First month's rent ($950) due upon signing of lease; last month's rent and deposit (half a month's rent) due upon occupancy. Three ref's required. Near Cheney/Callon. Sorry, no dogs, cats ok. [Craigslist]

WOODLAND HILLS: Following a look at a smoke-free Ascent at Warner Center, here's a look at...prices for your Ascent. Price sheet is after the jump. [Curbed Staff]

Ascent At Warner Center

21301 Erwin St, Woodland Hills, CA